What we’re about

We are a video production company based in Australia, equipped to create video content for all sorts of clients. We specialise in brand & corporate videos.

Sliwinski Video + Film was started by Mat Sliwinski, an initiative to expand his creative vision even further and to inspire people through story. Our logo represents not only the letter ‘S’ but also 2 speech bubbles. We believe in creating conversation through moving image, equipping businesses to be more successful and to engage the minds of their viewers.

What is a brand documentary?

Branded documentaries & films are short videos made by brands and used as a marketing tool. They can range from a few minutes to half an hour. They are journey focused, but can be either fiction or documentary. Above all else, they are content driven, and need to be relatable and authentic in order to appeal to the audience.

We believe styling through the lens of a documentary makes things more personal and relatable.

Mat Sliwinski, founder and director of Sliwinski Video + Film